Ang Li (Leon) was born in Anhui Province, China. He studied Computer Science for the first two years in university in Beijing, China and following his passion for films he decided to change his major to Communication with a one year downgradation, which was the closest major to films in his school. In 2017, he worked as an intern for China Central Television. After university, Ang Li worked in Shanghai Film Museum in 2020 and Guangzhou Beige Fashion Photography Studio in 2021. Then he went to the UK to study MFA Creative Documentary by Practice in University College London and graduated in 2023. 

Ang Li has a very calming yet powerful style that feels like he uses films to open up his sight of the world and invite others to float and go on a journey with him. He likes encountering different people and listening to their stories. He is also not afraid to confront and challenge authorities or common senses. He believes every film reflects the current phase of the filmmaker’s life, ideas and emotions, and fundamentally it is the story of the filmmaker themselves. 

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